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Nola Davidson

 Nola Davidson is a registered nurse, midwife and psychiatric / community health professional. She holds qualifications in therapies including colonic hydrotherapy, clinical nutrition, aromatherapy, iridology, bio-resonance, reflexology, Swedish Massage, lymph drainage and shiatsu.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy

 This therapy involves flushing waste material out of the bowel using water squirted through a tube which is inserted into the rectum. Dating back to Ancient Greece, the cleaning technique comes from the theory that waste matter in the bowel could poison the body.

Complementary Therapies

 Nola can assist you to bring your body back into balance with: Iridology, Detoxification Programmes, Bio-Resonance Testing, Live Blood Analysis, Clinical Nutrition, Liver Cleaning & Gerson Therapy

Contact Nola

 To get your body back on track, book an appointment with Nola at her practice in Cape Town. 

 Go through to the contact page for Nola’s details to either email or call.

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