Nola Davidson in her Work

Nola Davidson is a registered nurse, midwife and psychiatric/community health professional. She holds qualifications in therapies including aromatherapy, reflexology, Swedish massage, lymph drainage and shiatsu. She is a trained and qualified iridologist and holds a diploma in clinical nutrition from the Academy of Nutrition in Australia. She has specialised over the years in the field of fasting and detoxification regimes.

Nola is a specialist in the field of detox. She uses various modalities and protocols to gently facilitate the body to release toxic metabolic waste. 

Looking at the field of homotoxicology where we analyse the cause of the imbalance of disease, we can then create homeostatis and balance and equilibrium, and restore health.

Nola travelled to Tijuana in the USA to train at the Gerson Institute as a Gerson Therapist. This institute specialises in the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases, like cancer, multiple sclerosis and auto-immune illness, using nutritional protocols to reverse the process of disease. She trained in England with Dr Milo Siewert, as a colon therapist. She holds diploma’s in the fields of haemaview (live blood analysis) and bio-resonance testing (allergy/ food testing/organ functioning).

Nola has been a facilitator and counsellor at Rape Crisis and Life Line Western Cape for many years, and brings a thorough medical knowledge and professional expertise into her work.

She is both a teacher and trainer and has a dream of starting South Africa’s first House of Hope, a safe place where cancer patients could visit as a day visitor, or live in-house and receive nutritional support and guidance, and hope to fully live, dealing in a positive way with a life-threatening illness.

Nola is continuously studying and learning. She loves yoga and has recently completed a yoga teaching training in integral Hatha yoga.


A Word from Nola

A long time ago as a child of 6 a little boy fell in the playground at school. There was blood everywhere and all the children ran away except me, I helped him. Even then it was in me to know what to do so the rest just followed. Although I truly believe we are spiritual beings having a physical experience the work I do focuses strongly on the physical but I have come to understand life is made up of journeys, as we are going home to reclaim self.  And the vehicle we have been blessed with needs support to do that journey.

I revel in reclaimed personal power, visible through balanced health and vitality. Personally my practice of healthy nutrition, yoga and meditation, as well as having to overcome severe physical illness in my 20’s has given me intuition and wisdom as I engage with my teachers, my blessed patients. These wonderful people who trust me thank you for teaching me more daily about myself. I am blessed to have thrived and adored my life’s work. And I am so filled with gratitude for this.