Dr Max Gerson M.D., a German American physician, used dietary and medical measures to successfully treat malignancies, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, strokes, addictions and many other chronic degenerative diseases.

The therapy is modified individually using the following protocol:

  1. Mineral restriction – sodium,
  2. Mineral supplementation – potassium
  3. Intake of micro-nutrients through hourly drinking of raw, organic fruit and vegetable juices.
  4. Limited fats and proteins
  5. Natural supplemental thyroid administration
  6. Production of bile by liver (choleresis) by means of self-administered coffee enemas.

The above embodies hyper-nutrition from, whole foods and detoxification. This is a simple designed formula to restore and reactivate all the body systems, strengthening the immune system, enzyme system and hormone system, and correcting the functioning of all the essential organs, thereby restoring homeostasis.


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