I am a patient of nolas …..for 21 years…. I have a chronic weakness in my liver metabolism and the coffee enamas and nutritional assistance and dietery help has helped me maintain my body weight and feel healthy and strong…I will be 90 next year in March.
As many of my same aged friends have passed on …I am on no chronic medication and still drive. I always feel better after a session with nola and plan to live till 100…..

I’ve been a patient of Nola for 18 months now having walked in a diabetic taking insulin twice a day yet still having excessively high readings that were all over the show and using 11 other pills per day as well to balance the other associated ailments ie hypertension, cholesterol etc… Since starting my blood sugar has stabilized and the dependency on insulin has ended as well as the use of metformin. My system and whole being has evolved and I’m now having clearer thinking ability too as well as less grubby bogged down feelings associated with all the medication I was previously using.


We are so blessed to have someone of Nola Davidson’s heart and healing abilities in our community. She is one of the most skilled, wise and knowledgeable people in her particular fields of expertise and she brings to them great intuitive insight and compassion. An aspect I have deeply appreciated about her is how, when one is not well, she comes in with an aura of love and comfort and is always uplifting and encouraging. I have experienced this several times with her. What a wonderful person. What a wonderful healer.

Natalia Baker

Metaphysical Healer, Meditation Teacher & Author

Without doubt the regular Colonics I have been receiving over many years have assisted in controlling my Candida and general health issues.  In addition an occasional Liver Flush has provided a deeper treatment for my liver and given a feeling of well-being. I have also done a 7-day Tissue Cleanse which was an amazing experience and left me feeling totally cleansed, lighter and brighter, both on a physical and emotional level.

Nola is such a knowledgeable, intuitive therapist and a great support throughout all her treatments that I have no hesitation in recommending her and the therapies she provides.

Christine Kritzinger

I have been seeing Nola regularly for colon therapy since last year, and have found her to be warm, caring and honest in her approach. I have always felt relaxed and comfortable whilst doing her treatments.  Her treatments are done discreetly in a warm, cosy environment. Whilst doing the treatments I am able to glance out of  the window at her little oasis and watch the birds come for their feed.

Kim Ewing

I firmly believe Nola saved my life. I first went to her for a treatment 11 years ago – I have a gluten-intolerance and a few other food absorption challenges, but I wasn’t aware of it at the time. I had severe eczema over a large part of my body, and was extremely itchy and in pain. Nola recognized what was wrong, and over several months worked with me via colonic hydrotherapy and a change of diet – my system recovered and the eczema went away. I now eat more carefully and go for colonics several times a year with Nola for maintenance. My system cannot handle the additives in today’s food, and I believe it is through colonic hydrotherapy that my system has been able to cope and eliminate excess toxins.

Jenny Treurnich

I have been a patient of Nola for many years. I have seen her on a regular basis for colonic hydrotherapy, and also had tissue cleansing and liver cleansing done in the past. She is a dedicated, informed and caring therapist and I can only say good things about my treatment sessions.

Hanlie Noli

Professor of Dentistry

I am a 60 year old woman. For many years I have suffered from a range of illnesses, namely depression, inactive thyroid, menopause, reflux, flatulence, gallstones, etc.

Since I have been with Nola for the past 19 months, my health condition has remarkably improved. With her hydro colonic therapy, coffee enemas and the 7 day tissue cleanse, my journey to a new me started. Her ongoing support and guidance were also absolutely invaluable.

I thank the Almighty above for having shown me the way. It is a great blessing to be antibiotic and headache free after all these years. My renewed good health and bursts of energy are giving me a new lease on life.  Thanks Nola.

Gadja Samaai

School Principal

I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Nola’s for several years. Together we have worked through several serious illnesses and I have complete certainty that her incredible skill, deep intuition, vast knowledge and huge heart have been an essential part of my healing. I have travelled from afar to see Nola and after each treatment I have left feeling vibrant, energised and deeply grateful. Nola is a master at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal themselves.

Dr Jenny Remington-Hobbs

I’m a huge supporter of Nola Davidsons colonic irrigation. I find ideally twice a year or more, to flush out the colon leaves me feeling focused and energetic. For those who oppose it, I say eat yogurt afterwards as the body can fast replace lost good bacteria, to do its thing. I highly recommend this as a detoxing cleansing process to better health .

Beezy Bailey


My experience with Nola was short of miraculous.  I had extensive issues with high blood pressure. Basically after trying various natural therapies,  it was still  high enough I needed medication. Nola’s therapy was my last attempt. After several colon hydrotherapies we started a liver cleansing regime. After the FIRST cleansing my blood pressure went from around 140/110 to 120/75 and with each subsequent cleansing became more stable. Months after finishing a series of 7 cleansings  my blood pressure is still normal. This therapy works and Nola has extensive experience!

Dr Millie Rivera

Professor, Bloemfontein University

I have experienced colon hydrotherapy as an integral part of my detoxification and health maintenance programs over the years.  It is an amazing therapeutic treatment on so many levels and has helped me enormously.   Nola is a wonderful therapist. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in her field and I am so grateful for all her dedication, passion and commitment over the years.

Diane Lewis Goldberg


Nola Davidson has been an absolute blessing to me, and an integral part of my journey back to health, and living the best life I can with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have yet to encounter a medical practitioner with a better understanding of the holistic nature of our systems, who offers such practical, simple, and effective therapies and advice to facilitate improved system functioning. Nola has much knowledge that she has generously shared with me over the years, gained through continuously staying up to date with developments in diverse fields of medical therapy that she has trained in. I have benefitted immensely from colon hydrotherapy treatments and dietary advice. After I did a tissue cleanse, I felt like a new person, and I had so much energy! The treatments enabled me to finally throw away the anti-inflammatory tablets that I had been using three times a day, and use only supplements to maintain my system and live pain free. But beyond the physical aspects, I have also benefitted immensely from her great kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit, as a human being who seeks to help others as best she can on their journeys through life.

Chantal Higgins

I am a 60 year old woman. I’ve been suffering from severe constipation for years which resulted in severe abdominal pains and high blood pressure. I consulted various doctors at different medical centres without help till another doctor refered me to Nola Davidson. Ever since Nola treated me I never again had the problems I had experienced. I stopped using chronic medication for high blood pressure. Now my blood pressure is normal. My immune system was very poor and I used to get flu all the time, but now I hardly get flu. I give glory to God who helped me through Nola

Eddie Tsana

How amazed am I that you and God have partnered to restore my health back to me. Something of such great value to me that I thought I had lost. I cannot explain how in awe of God I am that He has purposefully gifted and equipped you, Nola Davidson, to bring about His goodness through restoration.

What a calling you have Nola. You are an incredible woman that God as and will continue to very tangibly and powerfully.

I will forever be grateful for these last two weeks. They have been incredible and life altering.  My heart is brimming with love and appreciation.

Lisa B